Danika von Monroehaus - 6 Weeks

"F" Litter's Father

Denico von Monroehaus - 6 Weeks

V Larus von Amasis, IPO 2, Kkl1, HD/ED "a1"

"F" Litter's Mother

V Sieglinde vom Zellwaldrand, IPO1, Kkl1, HD/ED "a2"

Larus & Siegliende daughter

Larus & Siegliende son

SOLD - Anne aus der Birkenschäferei - SOLD


"E" Litter's Father

V Laras von Amasis, IPO 2, Kkl1, HD/ED "a1"

"E" Litter's Mother

Anne's Father

Arabella von Monroehaus, HD/ED OFA Normal

VA Jax dei Precision, IPO3, Kkl1, HD/ED "a1"

"E" LITTER - BORN OCT 9, 2017

2 Boys & 2 Girls

~ Early reservations recommended ~

Anne's Mother

V Tara aus der Birkenschäferei, IPO1, Kkl1, HD/ED "a1"


Top quality 16 week old female imported from Germany.  Anne is SV pink papered and AKC registered.  Born Jan. 8, 2017.  Pictured below taken April 27, 2017.  She has a sound, loving personality, wonderful with children and other dogs.  She has a beautiful recall and basic beginning obedience (heel, sit, down, stay).


~ Early reservations recommended ~

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