Luc is with the Hartz Mountain pet company now based in Secaucus.  He brought Jenny into the office the week before Christmas and the Hartz photographer had a session with her.  The staff just loved her!  The pics came out beautifully.  I think she knew she was getting her silver screen audition and hammed it up in a few of the shots.   I've attached a few for you and hope you will not have any problems downloading.  

Her coat and teeth are strong and beautiful. She's just now starting to slow down a wee bit, but will still surprise us with her amazing speed and agility when the occasion arises.  She's at her happiest when she's working and "herding" our other pets (a yorkie and two cats), playing with the kids, taking a walk or playing fetch. During the night, we sometimes hear her making the rounds' to all of the bedrooms and checking in on us.  She is our star and we are so grateful to have her!

Luc and Shannon H.

Belchertown, MA

Letters to

Monroe Haus

Dear Walter and Joanne,

"I just would like to sincerely thank you for selling me such a fine female Heidi (Nell). I am so very happy with her. She has a disposition and a "way" about her that you can't help but appreciate."

                                John and Ann Cataloni

10 Years Later

Dear Walter and Joanne,

"We obtained Heidi in 1998, had our son, John, in 1999 and Heidi took to him right away.  Now he's nine years old and Heidi is still with us! Now we have our new addition, Hans, and he keeps the house quite busy!

Talk to you soon!  Best wishes and Happy New Year!"                 

                                              John and Ann Cataloni


Hi Joanne and Walter,

Here is a photo of Lana from your Nov. 2002 litter. You may remember we came down to adopt her with our 5 month old baby and our 4 year old.  Things were crazy, then it all got even crazier. We went to Shanghai, China for 18 months. We needed to take her to the police department for records as she is a German Shepherd and only the Shanghai police are allowed to own Shepherds in that country. She just rolled with everything we asked of her.  Jenny came with us and did just great. She is so wonderful! We are back in the U.S. now in the Western Mass area.  "Jenny," as we call her, is a love and we are so

blessed to have found such a great dog. She is the ultimate dog. Her coat is gorgeous.  Now that she is five years old, she has grown into her own little self.   She makes us laugh all of the time. Mostly, she just needs to snuggle with her pack people.

Luc and Shannon

8 Years Later

Hi Walter and Joanne,

We hope you're doing well.  We thought we would share a few lovely pics of our wonderful "Jenny" aka as your Lana from your L litter Nov. 2002.  Her parents were Dana and Wilko.  We are still in Mass but will most likely move to NJ sometime in the coming year.  


Dear Walter and Joanne:

It's been too long since we've updated you on Bosco. These pictures are from the vacation we took in August to Acadia National Park in Maine. You would have thought Bosco was a billy goat, he loved hiking with us, which we did every day. He was even allowed in most of Bar Harbor's stores, restaurants

and even on the trolly.   One person thought he was a wolf when hinking up a mountain. We can not thank you enough for this wonderful gift -- Bosco is a joy!!! We hope all is well.

David, Sarah & Bosco

11 Years Later

Hi Monroe's,

Sorry it took so long to get some pictures to you.  We took Bosco and his little brother Mortie to Acadia National Park in Maine this August.  He was so happy to be back and although he walked a little slower he always had a big smile on his face.  While we were there we participated in an SPCA dog show.  Every dog won a blue ribbon, but Bosco won Most Memorable.  We can not tell you the joy Bosco has brought us over the past eleven years.  He is truly a very special dog.

Best to you and all your doggies,  David, Sarah, Max, Luke, Bosco and Mortie S.


Walter and Joanne,

Greetings! It's been a while since I have sent any updates on Timber, the Andrjuscha van Noort son from the K-litter.  The dog is wonderful.  His temperament is beautiful, and I get constant complements on his looks, obedience, and personality all of the time wherever we go.Timber and I work together everyday on obedience and attention training, and I take him to dog school 1x/week.  He does everything well, and I am thinking that in the Spring/Summer time, I may try to enter him into a competitionfor a Companion Dog title.  I have no doubt he will do well.  I also plan to get him certified as a

therapy dog, so that I can take him into nursing homes to see the old people.  Timber just loves everyone.  He's so people oriented.  It's a nice trait.  Anyway, I want to thank you again for such a great dog.  He is a treasure.  I can't wait to get home to see him every day after work.

Best regards, Bev.

4 Years Later

Walter and Joanne,

Thank you so much for this email.  I wanted you to know that we just LOVE Timber (can't remember his litter name).  He looks just like Andrjuscha dog in the picture with you.  He is absolutely beautiful. Everywhere we go, he is the main attraction.  His disposition is just as nice.  I'm at work now and don't have any pics to send of him, other  than this one with my newest son.  It's not a great picture of Timber,

but it just shows how good he is with my 2 boys.  He is so loved....he is a part of the family....does everything with us.  He also is a therapy dog, so in my spare time (which  I don't have much of), I take him into the local nursing home and hospitals.  He really brightens people's day.  

So thank you so much for this wonderful dog.  I will be back again when Timber is gone.  Hopefully that won't be for many years.  He just turned 4.

Happy New Year.

V/r, Bev


Dear Mr. Monroe,


Emmo is being a very good puppy. He's really energetic and is very smart. I even taught him how to sit and fetch a ball and bring it back. He runs faster than I can already and I wonder how fast he'll be when he's older. Some day I will take him down to visit.

Sincerely, Frank

7 Years Later

(from Frank's little sister)

Dear Walter and Joanne

I don't no if you remember but about 7 years ago my family was searching for the perfect dog. Luckily we found Emmo. I was about 5 at the time and now I'm 12. Emmo is amazing! He has so much energy for 7 years old! I love him soooo much. Emmo LOVES to

play catch and he loves the outdoors. My brother Frank and Emmo are still very close even though Frank's 20 now! Emmo is very obedient. He listens to everything. Emmo also like's it when you tickle his belly and then he kicks his leg it's really funny!  Emmo is a beautiful dog and I love him. Thankyou for bringing this wonderful dog into my family.              Sincearly, Vanessa


Dear Walter and Joanne

Robert is a wonderful dog ! He has fit in nicely here at the house and loves to go to the beach.  He sleeps in our bed room and is never anxious to go out in the night.

In between walks and the beach we go to for car rides to the office and the parks.  We walk at least 3 miles a day and take lots of car trips. Hotels are no problem. I bring food, water, and a dog bed for him to sleep on.

Thank you so much for getting us this great dog.

Sincerely, Lyman and Pat

At Monroe Haus, our customers are important to us.  Even long after a puppy leaves our home, we like to stay in touch.  We are here to answer our customers' questions at any age or stage.  We enjoy hearing news of our dogs' accomplishments, activities and antics.  Please feel free to browse our references for many wonderful stories and photos of Monroe Haus German Shepherds.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


"a wonderful dog!"

"best dog in the world!"

"He is a treasure"

"can not thank you enough"

"the ultimate dog"

"she has a way about her"

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Monroe,

Thank you so much for letting Buster live with my Grandpa Rick and I. Buster loves to make me laugh, especially when he gives me face-washes right after bath time! Buster is my best friend and I know he’s always “got my back”. Buster is such a smart and loving dog, yet he really knows how to have fun. When he isn’t playing with me, Buster goes to visit my Great Grandfather and his friends at the nursing home, making their days bright and joyful. Whether he’s playing with Grandpa’s show horses or lifting office moral at Grandpa’s company, Buster fits in wherever he is. It’s hard to believe he’s only 3 months older than me!


Daniel, 10 months old

Fort Kent, ME

P.S. My Grandpa wants me to tell you that Buster is everything you represented and more!

"my best friend"

Dear Walter & Joanne:

Jaeger is doing wonderful and I don't think I've ever seen a G.S. this confident at 10 weeks-

I'm sure indicative of the time you both spend with your pups in those critical first 8 weeks.

He has absolutely no fear of stairs and having him around cats, goats, horses and other dogs, he thinks he's the king of them all.

We take him to pick up my son from school and he loves having all the kids handle him. He is a true delight to our family.  

Thank you and stay in touch!


Steve and Cheryl Nelson


"a true delight to our family"

Walter & Joanne,

I just wanted to thank you again for a great dog. My baby boy is just so curious about her and she is so gentle with him. My older dog is in heaven to have a playmate again. Hope all is well with you and your beautiful dogs. When I walk into the training class with her, people just stop and stare.  

She really is a beautiful dog.

Talk to you soon.  Deb

"people just stop and stare... a beautiful dog"


Greetings Walter:

Here is a picture of Axel (in tub) and Rudy (wishing he was in tub?) on Christmas day, playing together with a new electric boat. They both had a grand time indeed! Our dog is just the best, and you can clearly see how beautiful he is. He weighs in at 60 pounds now, at 7 mos., probably where he should be. I wouldn't be surprised if he hits 90.

Hope things are well with you and yours, and the Schutzen ring is finished. I'm sure it will be very classy, as per the rest of your kennel. We've decided to add another shepherd to our clan when Rudy is five, so we'll have to talk about that in a few years. Our vet, who does all the exams for the local high volume shepherd breeder was very impressed with our pup. He learns very quickly, and you would be amazed to watch my 3 year old son fire out the commands, and the dog minds him very well. It is hysterical to watch, but both the boy and dog understand the rules, and this I would not have expected from a puppy. Exceptional!

Happy Holidays, and Peace in the New Year.

Dr. Tom Bonde and Family

"our dog is just the best... Exceptional!"


Hello Walter and Joanne,

I am the proud owner of Olga, who will be 3 in February 2008.  She has turned out to be a beautiful family dog and I have worked very hard to socialize her with people, children, cats and horses.  We have 11 horses and my daughter, Rebecca, is a licensed riding instructor and Olga is very good with her students.  I have been very busy running my business in North Attleboro, helping with the farm and all. There doesn’t seem to be enough time, but this spring I would like to start Schutzund at least at the lower level. When that is complete I would like to breed Olga as I did not spay her. I would like your advice when it comes to that.  

Thank you, Polly Schaefer

"beautiful family dog"


Hi Walter and Joanne,

Just thought you would like to know Perla is adjusting fine. As Joanne suggested I brought her to my vet. He was very impressed with her and commented that "the breeder is doing a fantastic job in preserving the breed as it should be." Perla's confidence grows every day.

Today she started to protect her property by barking at the oil delivery man (She was in the house at the time). She is a real sweetheart. She is getting a lot of love and attention. Even Hercules is sharing his favorite "look-out" window with her. Thanks for a wonderful puppy!

Jill Peterson and Family

"the breeder is doing a fantastic job in preserving the breed as it should be"


Dear Walter & Joanne:

Just wanted to let you know how much we are in love with Ilko von Monroe Haus! He absolutely the coolest dog ever. Whenever we go anywhere with him everyone always says he is such a beautiful dog. We thought we would send some pictures along with this letter so you could see that all your hard work pays off!

Ilko is a great family dog and protector. We have 50 acres and wanted a dog to be out when our kids are outside playing to keep an eye on them. If the kids go outside without him he paces every door and window and I have to let him out. Wherever the kids are, Ilko is sure to be there, too!

Thank you again for such a wonderful dog and we hope all is well!

Love,The Girroir Family  

"great family dog and protector"


Dear Walter and Joanne,

The recent loss of our beloved German Shepherd Dog Oda-Bea who was sixteen years old left such a void in our life. Her companionship filled our days with so much happiness. The simple routine of caring for another is infinitely rewarding; everyday becomes an adventure and labor of love. Mark and I began looking for reputable breeders almost immediately.

We were very impressed with your website and the pictures of your absolutely gorgeous dogs. After perusing the glowing reference letters from very satisfied customers, we knew we wanted to visit with you and your dogs. A reputable breeder is always far more concerned with placing his or her dogs in the right environment than with their profit margin. And meeting you both and your dogs in person was one of the most positive and pleasant experiences for us.

You spent time getting to know us and answering our queries, and it became clear to us that besides your obvious experience and knowledge in breeding GSD’s, you also have a great love and respect for this exceptional breed of dog. The dogs we met were strikingly beautiful, remarkably friendly, and possessed wonderful temperaments.

We then met Leo von Monroe Haus, four months old, friendly, and extraordinarily intuitive. We call him Atsah (a Navajo Indian word meaning eagle) and each day he fills our life with so much joy and laughter with his exuberance and intelligence that our heartbreak has turned happiness. He learns so quickly and is amazingly friendly and eager to please. We just love him, and everyone who has met him finds him simply remarkable.

Thank you for this furry little gift that we call Atsah                      


Christine and Mark

"you spent time getting to know us"

"fills our life with joy and laughter... simply remarkable"


Hi Walter and Joanne,

Just wanted to touch base with you and give you a quick update. McKinley is doing great. She’s sleeping through the night and very rarely crying in her crate (the sheet trick really worked!). We’re still practicing “hier” and she’s doing very well with her “sitz!” We took her on a walk today and tried her out on a leash- she did fantastic! She’s still our little shadow, but is slowly becoming more independent. I saw her and the cat touching noses today so I think McKinley is winning Olivia over with her personality.

Hope all is well!

Take care, Lindsey and James McElligott

3 Years Later

We couldn't be happier with her- thank you for such fantastic dog!

Happy Holidays,

Lindsey & James McElligott

"such a fantastic dog!"


Hi Walter and Joanne:

Anton von Monroe Haus (aka Niko, a Wilko/Lativa son) is now 16 months old.  It seems impossible that it has been that long since I called you looking for a German Shepherd with a SOUND TEMPERAMENT.  I had been researching German Shepherd breeders for about 7 months before I located your website and I haven't looked back since.  He is truly what I had hoped he would be. He is amazing with children, puppies and people and SO REGAL looking. Everywhere I go with him, I get constant compliments about his beauty and behavior as you both have just seen with our visit to your home last week.  I absolutely love him and you both should feel so proud of the results of your breeding program. I also love the fact that you are always there to answer any questions I have. "Niko" and I will keep in touch. Yes, Joanne I know I spoil him but why not... he is awesome.  

Thank you again, CeCe Fagan

"amazing with children, puppies & people


Hi Walter & Joanne,

Hope all is well in Exeter. Donna and I wanted to send you a Happy Holiday wish and tell you that we have never had a dog like Drago. He is the love of our life. His intelligence, demeanor and overall breeding is nothing short of amazing. He is a confident and "Best of Breed" dog. He no longer requires a crate when we are at work and is very good with people, unless he senses a threat, then "LOOK OUT".

I have attached a portrait I took of him a while back. Feel free to put them on your website. Also, now that he is 2 years old, if you ever want to consider him for stud let me know. We hope we can stop by one weekend when we are in the area so you can see him. He is magnificent.    

Again, Happy Holidays and stay in touch.                   

Ray & Donna Larson

"love of our life"


Hi Walter and Joanne-

I just wanted to drop you an email and say "thank you" for allowing me the pleasure of being mom to such a wonderful puppy! Axle (Roger vom Olwenhof), son of Andrjuscha, is doing great and fitting in quite well. Our trip home was uneventful, and Axle even slept in the back the whole way (no nerves or car sickness). He seemed very excited to arrive home to find another dog waiting for him, and she accepted him without any issues. I honestly believe they will be best buddies in no time.

It was great to finally meet both of you after having spoken on the phone. I like to think I am a good judge of character, and my instincts were right on. Your knowledge of the breed and passion for it was quite evident. It is nice to know there are still honest, responsible GSD breeders out there. Keep up the good work!

I am attaching a couple of photos for you to enjoy, and will try to send updates on a regular basis.

Thanks again...


2 Years Later

Hi Walter and Joanne-

I wanted to write and give you an update on Axle, Andrjuscha's son. We moved to Maine on February 1st, and he is adjusting very well. He was thrilled to play in all of the snow we got this year (approx. 20ft!). He could never get enough of it.....

We went to our first AKC trial this past weekend, and all in all he did great! We actually took home his first 'Q' towards his Novice Jumpers title, as well as a first place ribbon for that run as well. Needless to say I am very proud of him! He really is a pleasure to work with.

I hope all is well with you both. Take care, talk to you soon.... Andrea

"such a wonderful puppy"

"first place... pleasure to work with"


4 Years Later

Hi Walter and Joanne!

It's been quite a while, so I thought I'd send you an update on Axle (Roger vom Olwenhof), Andrjuscha's son. We participated in a Rally trial in September, and he took first place and received his Rally Novice title. We are now on to Advanced Rally (all off-leash work). I have also given him a baby brother, Thor. He absolutely adores him, and accepted him from day 1. I was truly impressed with how quickly Axle took to having another male dog in the house, and am having alot of fun watching the two of them. I've attached a picture of Axle for you to enjoy.

I hope all is well with you both.....


"first place... Rally Novice Title"

Dear Walter and Joanne,

Xabo, our Wilko and Klara son from the X litter is an absolute love.  {DOB-5/2007} I hate to put him into his kennel at bedtime because I just love to be with him.

He knows sit, down, come, heel and no (I still use nine when no doesn't work).  He LOVES to play ball....he would play all day if I could stand it! His drive is amazing. He plays nicely with Mia... they play tug of war and bite my ear.  (Poor Mia!)

We all can't believe he is already 6 months old.  I will send more photos soon. I hope you enjoy these.

Pam and Rick Seifert


3 Years Later

Dear Walter and Joanne,

Thought you would like to see Xabo, son of Klara and Wilko, turning  3 years old on May 1st.  He has two sisters...I am wondering if you ever hear from their owners - I would love to see pics if you have any.

As you can see, he's is a very handsome guy.  But more importantly he is an amazing dog.  Loves people and has an amazing temperament.  Everyone loves him!  I call him my Love Bug!

Thank you for your wonderful breeding.    

Pam and Rick Seifert

"I just love to be with him"